Probably a majority of people who have internet connection are familiar with Facebook and Twitter right? Well, some are familiar with them, some use them, but a lot of people are entangled with these two networks that they just can’t help to always check their profiles every single minute.

I’m one of those people, fairly addicted to tweeting. It’s like I tweet an average of 15 tweets a day! That’s an average! I know it’s too much and I feel like I’m overstepping and annoying some of my followers.

I know that admitting it won’t solve anything, but come on it’s the first step for me to finally get rid of my microblogging disease and at least just collate all my random thoughts in a single day and blog about it. Now is that great or what? Hitting two birds with one stone! I’ll free more time from not tweeting a lot and I get to make sure that this blog remains up and running.

So I would probably start posting fun articles once a day, probably a collection of a lot of interesting stuff that my past self would rather tweet about. So yeah that’ll be cool.

So until later guys! Off to face this day with some reading. Man I have a lot of catching up to do. Ciao!


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