Super Mario and Star Wars

So yeah, of all the news that happened today and yesterday, these two really caught my attention and got me into excitement and also a little bit of sad nostalgia.

First, we lost a great actor today. Bob Hoskins, who’s known for gamers as Mario in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie, has passed away. It’s really sad to hear of him dying but may he rest in peace. Reports say he died of complications of his Parkinson’s Disease, so we’ll at least know that he’s in a much better place right now. I loved the movie but apparently the others did not.

On to a lighter note, JJ Abrams surprised a lot of us yesterday by announcing the cast of Star Wars. Yay! I’m really psyched that Luke, Leia and Han Solo are back together with C3-PO and R2-D2. I’m not entirely sure though if Chewbacca is returning too but I sure hope he would! It’s also so cool to see Adam from Girls be the villain and also see Bill Weasley as a Jedi most probably! This is exciting and I can’t wait to hear more developments about the upcoming Star Wars movie that would premiere December of next year!

Okay, so two big news tonight. We may have lost a great soul (but again, let’s just hope he’s in a better place), but we are introduced to A New Hope of characters in the Star Wars Universe. 🙂


Probably a majority of people who have internet connection are familiar with Facebook and Twitter right? Well, some are familiar with them, some use them, but a lot of people are entangled with these two networks that they just can’t help to always check their profiles every single minute.

I’m one of those people, fairly addicted to tweeting. It’s like I tweet an average of 15 tweets a day! That’s an average! I know it’s too much and I feel like I’m overstepping and annoying some of my followers.

I know that admitting it won’t solve anything, but come on it’s the first step for me to finally get rid of my microblogging disease and at least just collate all my random thoughts in a single day and blog about it. Now is that great or what? Hitting two birds with one stone! I’ll free more time from not tweeting a lot and I get to make sure that this blog remains up and running.

So I would probably start posting fun articles once a day, probably a collection of a lot of interesting stuff that my past self would rather tweet about. So yeah that’ll be cool.

So until later guys! Off to face this day with some reading. Man I have a lot of catching up to do. Ciao!

Stubborn Love


Because their album reached it peak back in 2012, I didn’t think that The Lumineers will come visit Manila this year. But I guess I was wrong and they would in fact be performing this July!

It really is good to know that they chose to perform in the World Trade Center, a smaller venue which will make it possible for them to sing intimately to fans and music lovers in general. I just hope that the tickets won’t get sold out minutes after their release.

The Lumineers is a band that I didn’t really follow as much as I did with my favorite bands like Vampire Weekend, Of Monsters and Men, and most recently CHVRCHES. But I do love their songs nonetheless. Aside from the really popular and fun Ho Hey, I played and abused the repeat button on songs like Submarines and Stubborn Love, the latter being my favorite song out of their debut album.

I can’t wait to sing along to these tunes. Who wants to join me? Let’s go!


Okay. This blog needs a rush of epinephrine STAT before it flatlines! It’s been a while since I last updated my blog so let’s do some catching up!

First off, the forty book challenge. I finished The Feast for Crows a while back and I’m actually reading three books right now. Pope John XXIII: A Life by my favourite historian Thomas Cahill and His Holiness (Pope John Paul II) by Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi were added to the list because I wanna revisit these books about two really inspiring leaders of the church who are getting Canonized this month. I’m also reading Casual Vacancy while I’m at it.

I would be posting the Feast for Crows feedback once I get the urge to write a reaction post. They just really come and go so we have to wait.

Now on to the other stuff. I’ve spent some time with my geeky friends and I’m really having such a swell time doing quirky things with them. Those “quirky” things consist of eating, playing a lot of tabletop games, and sharing common interests. I’ll write stuff about those too so watch out!

I’m really having a great time this summer. Good things just happen and here’s to hoping that more awesome stuff start popping up. Lots of things to write! This really is a rushing adrenaline of fine things that would somehow revive this blog and keep the juice running.

Till next time people! Ciao!

The Mission to Finish Forty Books

I love reading, and I also love challenges. But often times those self-made challenges don’t last long because I don’t put too much effort into making sure that I accomplish the goals that I set. Probably a problem for us millennials. Distraction is the number one culprit and I have to learn to focus on the things that I wanna be doing.

Well, relating to that stuff about focus and distractions, I have set a goal to read at least forty books and I have until the end of the year to accomplish this goal. I’m not doing good, because I have just finished two books so far and halway done with the other one. So three down and still thirty-seven to go!

I am gonna be making a list of what I’m going to read for the month, and hopefully be able to give some reaction about the books that i finish reading. This is going to be exciting!

Here’s our April collection:

George RR Martin’s Feast for Crows (halfway done)
JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy
Stephen King’s 11/22/63
Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia
Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth

So we’ll be including these five books with the ones that I’ve finished earlier this year (CS Lewis’ Narnia and George RR Martin’s Storm of Swords) and we’re gonna be done with seven! We can do this!

Stay tuned for the Feast for Crows reaction post later this week. 🙂


Yes, I have to admit that I am totally a noob when it comes to musicals. I do have some favourites that I listened to while I was a boy and others while I was in college, but I never got the chance to actually watch a stage performance yet.

I’ve first listened to Miss Saigon when my sister took home a taped Original London Cast recording. It was magical, and songs like Sun and Moon and I Still Believe were imprinted on my mind and my heart even at a young age.

Well, that was at least 15 years ago. After that I became familiar with Grease, a musical that I really loved because of its fun and vintage 50s theme. It’s also the first time I felt empathetic with a character, so that helps too. Then I discovered some other musicals along the way, but never really focusing much on them for I was so into other things like collecting toys and playing tons of games.

I also watched movie musicals like Mamma Mia, Hairspray and Les Mis. Everyone keeps telling me that the stage versions are way better so I still have to prove that to myself. I must make sure that I put Les Mis on top of the list though, because it’s my favourite of the three and it’s just really rad! I was crying while watching the movie in the theatre.

Wicked is actually running shows in the country right now, but I haven’t had the chance to get a ticket and no one would want to watch it with me so that sucks.

So, what is up with me and musicals? It’s like I love them but they hate me. Well, maybe it’s because I don’t love them enough. I’ve always wanted to go, but never to a point where I REALLY want to. Well, not until now.

So, let’s try to commit on making sure that the next time I get the chance to watch a musical starting maybe later this year, I’ll make sure to get tickets!

For some external factors that I’m not gonna disclose, I’ve become passionate about them. I’m stupefied by their beautiful music and wonderstruck by the story, and together these two create a kind of art that will not break, will not fade and would continue to amaze lots of people like me in the future.

So, with this newfound love for musicals, I’ll strive to save for tickets just like I do for my hobbies. Time to appreciate The Phantom, Elphaba, Sandra, Kim, Evita and Valjean live on stage. 🙂

Quitting Gadget Addiction

Hi. I am Bob, and I’m a gadget addict.

Yes, just like how you introduce yourself in AA meetings, I decided to start this post by admitting to the fact that I’m hopelessly addicted to those small screens that we carry around us everyday. I spend my waking hours checking my phone, pissed when the wi-fi’s off because I have to turn my 3G on just to get connected to the web. Oh the web, the thing where I’m trapped into and have no means to escape it.

Let me at least try to let you guys know how addicted I am with my smartphone, so that we’d at least be able to tackle the issues head on!

First. As I’ve said above, I wake up checking my emails and any messages and other notifications. Well, that’s still normal, but I don’t stop there. I read all of the tweets on my feed that I’ve missed during the hours that I’m asleep. I check the Facebook news feed as well and read A LOT of articles and view A LOT of photos before getting out of bed. This usually takes me one to two hours to complete, precious amount of time that I could have spent by getting up early and read books, study and have a productive day.

It does not end there my friend! I get out of my room and go downstairs holding my phone. I eat breakfast looking at that stupid four inch screen. After eating breakfast I stare at the screen again, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. It’s so scary I feel that technology is transforming all of us into zombies that won’t survive without the glare of that four-inch screen.

I only stop this useless ritual when I study which is like four hours in a day. The rest of the day involves me being in front of that glowing sheet of glass!

Even before I sleep, I spend like another hour or two scrolling to death with my phone. I’m hopeless and now that I’m typing it I feel even worse for myself. Oh what a sad life I’ve been leading.

Why am I so addicted with this thing? Why can’t I use it the way I did before? I was not even planning to get a smartphone to begin with. Just an old QWERTY phone and an iPod Classic was the ideal set-up for me back in 2011, but that all changed when I got my hands with my good ol’ smartphone. I’ve been addicted to them ever since.

Let’s try to reminisce how I lived using my gadgets back in 2011 and in the general past.

I usually wake up in 2011 by immediately getting up and eating breakfast. Then after that I prepare for school or if it’s vacation time I power up my laptop and do some stuff. Trust me, the laptop is much more productive than the smartphone. Other things that I do other than that is read books and of course study because I was a student back then. Where do my gadgets come in? Oh well, back then I owned a QWERTY Nokia phone and an iPod Nano which I only used to listen to music before sleeping or when I’m out alone. Those were the good days. I was always in touch with what’s around me. I often travel alone in the capital just walking around, my neck being stiff from looking around the city and appreciating the things that life has to offer. Yes, I always have earphones stuck on my ear but they’re strictly for music only. My phone? Just for texting and when I need to make an important phone call.

I need to get back to that way of life. Appreciating stuff more and gadgets less. Yes, they are powerful, but they could also be powerful enough to make you dumb. So from now on, I’m gonna focus on doing these things:

Just tweeting a maximum of 5 tweets a day.

Checking Facebook only before I sleep and only if someone messages me, not gonna initiate Facebook conversations ever again!

Deleting most of those apps that make me lay down and check my phone countless hours in a day.

Reading articles that I really cared about and nothing more. Plus, only reading articles after lunch and after dinner. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Only check mail after waking up and before sleeping. After checking mail and replying to notifications, stop using the phone and lock the screen.

I need a retreat. I mean (retreat’s not enough for it’s only a break) I need a change in my life. And as unconventional as it is, I’m starting right now in the middle of the night! I’m gonna start using my phone again as I was using my iPod and my phone before. Music and only for texting and calling. Other stuff that it’s capable of would only be available during limited times in a day. 🙂